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Effective Fitness Now Instructors provide one to one personal training and group exercise classes for all levels and ability and we also offer a mobile service, so we can come to you! Whether you're just starting your journey towards getting fit, recovering from illness or injury, or training for a specific goal, we will help you on the road to your destination.

  Get stronger and fitter - your way!          

We offer a range of classes and Personal Training sessions, plus Pilates and Self Defense Courses across Thurrock and Havering. Scoot over to our 'Say Hello' page for more information.



It's not just all about a 6 week or 12 week quick fix plan. There's always room for those of course, but we like to look at a balanced lifestyle that can be maintained over time. Visceral fitness (thinking about keeping the heart, veins and arteries happy) is as imporant, if not more important, than looking good on the outside.


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